"I have been collecting Titanic memorabilia and artifacts for over ten years now, and it was my absolute pleasure to make Kevin’s acquaintance while researching a new addition to my collection. Over the years, Kevin has proven to be an extremely knowledgeable and valuable resource as well as a great friend. Among the collectors in this area there are only a few that I consider to be elite, and without a doubt, Kevin is firmly among their ranks. Titanic collectors can be a mysterious and guarded bunch, carefully protecting their hoarded treasures. Kevin breaks that mold. Everything he offers comes direct from his private collection which is without a doubt one of the most impressive gatherings of authentic Titanic relics in the world. Every one of his products is beautifully displayed, expertly researched and is accompanied by an ironclad provenance. In a field where con-artists and scammers are rampant, if you want to safely acquire an authentic piece of Titanic for your very own, you’ve come to the right place!" - Spencer Knarr, Titanic Expert/Historian/Master Collector, owner of Online Titanic Museum (OnlineTitanicMuseum.com)

"I've received very rare pieces from Titanicitems.com. I've been studying the Titanic for 20 years and he provides an opportunity to own pieces at a price you don't have to take out a loan for, pretty rare in the Titanic world! I couldn't be more happy with not only the items and documentation but the service and knowledge from Kevin. He goes well above and beyond to help anyone, especially up and coming collectors. From personal experience I know you can ask pretty much any well-known historian or collector and they can verify his work and items. He is one of a kind! - Craig Anderson, Titanic Relic Collector/Historian


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