William T. Stead Photo

William T. Stead


This absolutely stunning photograph with a facsimile autograph is of 1st class passenger/victim William T. Stead. This original early 1890's cabinet photo measures 8 1/2" x 4 1/4" and features a crystal clear shot with deep vibrant tones. Cabinet photos were enlarged pictures (typically of someone famous) that were made to fit inside of a cabinet for display.

Well before he sailed and perished on the Titanic, Stead was a famous British journalist and known for his crusade against child prostitution in Europe. Memorial plaques bearing his image can be found both in London and New York.

This is believed to be a "newly discovered" pose made on the same day he had several other well known photos taken, since he is wearing the same suit and there is a similar background. These other photos mentioned can be found online and in several books.



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