Deck Wreck Wood

Among the flotsam and jetsam plucked from the Atlantic Ocean following the Titanic's demise were pieces of wood. William J. Parker, a carpenter aboard the rescue ship Minia, fashioned pieces of Titanic's fine wood into various useful items. He made a liquor cabinet entirely from different parts of savaged wreck wood to include the wheelhouse door and gave it to Minia Chief Officer James Adams.

The 20 inch long wreck wood piece above was a shelf inside of that cabinet. It is authentic yellow pine wood from the Titanic, identified as being from deck. It is presumed the deck wood splintnered at the breaking point just before the final plunge.

It stayed with the family for decades and was passed down to Adam's grandson, who sold it in the the 1990's. Later it became part of a private collection. This well-known artifact has been enjoyed by millions and displayed in several museums and exhibits.

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Captain Smith standing on the deck at the entrance to Titanic's Wheelhouse


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