Titanic Deck Chair
Titanic Deck Chair - Kevin Saucier Collection
Considered a 'Holy Grail' of 20th century artifacts, this is only one of a handful complete deck chairs known to exist. As with a couple of famed Titanic Deck Chairs it has an identifiable nickname, "The Beach Boy Chair." A termed coined when the native Southern California owner, who on a dare, took it to a beach made famous by a Beach Boys song and used it to relax. After, a fellow beach-goer was asked to keep an eye on it while he went skateboarding.

A short time later this deck chair was off to be admired by millions under heavy protective glass and tight security at two National exhibits and a National Geographic TV special with Titanic Movie Director, James Cameron. After airing, a private offer of $650K was turned down.

Titanic Deck Chair - Known as The Beach Boy Chair. Kevin Saucier Collection
The above deck chair is pictured on display at the celebrated Ronald Reagan National Library Titanic exhibit in 2017/18. This particular chair was recovered from the CGS Montmagny, a ship contracted to recover bodies of the dead. It has been cleaned/restored and, with exception to the cane seat, is all original.

Titanic Deck Chair - Kevin Saucier Titanic Collection


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