The Titanic Cadbury Card


Considered to be the Holy Grail of Titanic and ship cards. This is a scarce 1909-1911(?) pre-sinking Cadbury's Chocolates Titanic/Olympic set of one card, produced in England to publicize the "largest steamers in the world" that were simultaneously under construction. The ship on the card is nameless and is meant to represent both ships as was frequently done since they closely resembled each other.

This is the only trade card known to show the Titanic prior to its sinking and one of the few pictures to be shown in color. Relatively unknown to the card-collecting hobby, it has the potential to be the highest valued non-sports card. The 2004 Guernsey's Titanic auction catalog appraised a like-card and its matching tin, in no better than good condition, at $10,000.

This may be one of the finest examples of this card known, with colors so vivid the ship appears to be sailing out of the card, lettering sharp enough to cut through the sea itself and a picture so clear you'll be tempted to climb aboard. This card was professionally authenticated and graded a 6 Excellent-Mint (out of 10) by world renowned Beckett Vintage Grading, who has recognized the significance of this card to include having it as the subject of a published article.

This condition sensitive card is almost always seen in poor quality. Below are examples of how it is typically found. Although this may possibly be one of the largest known collections of Cadbury Titanic cards (not all shown), it is still rare and even these collector-grade cards have a high market value.



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